15th November - 15th December 2013

contemporary art space

F.D.P. - Fabrica de Pensule, 59-61 H. Barbusse st., 1st floor


artist: Adrian GHIMAN

I do glorify the grotesque and the maladies that are incumbent on the human being. The disease bears with itself ugliness, a truly glorious performance, a morbid beauty highlighted in the physical decadence, the malady irrupts in diaphanous images, and therefore everything is originating in the aesthetics of disgust. The references in my work originate in different sources, mainly photography, which were the artistic medium to express various maladies, catastrophes that threatened humankind in the beginning of the ninetieth century. By reproducing these imagery I did nothing but to reassess, at a different level, a rebirth of another image, all the scenes being depicted on a disproportionate dimension of the drama. The themes subjected to the artistic work are referential for the self-destruction, decay, and degradation of humankind. These considerations are expressed in the detailed drawing that I’m proposing to the eye, the imagery bearing the touch of the apocalypse, but also of the enigma. The only process that I’m following in my work is to observe and “cut”, make “excerpts” of this delusional reality. It’s all about depicting my repugnance against human illusion. The project wants to be an itinerary disclosing the dark side of the human mind, the hunger for evil doings, a whole world built around brutality, abuse, violence, and torture, a road of sufferance and grotesque. All these coming out from the human being’s need to move through abjections, finding itself intimidated by terror. The weak self is really horrified when facing these threats, as a pawn caught in a story, not clearly delineated, between carnival and apocalypse.

video & photo: Dalma NYIRI