opening event

contemporary art space

F.D.P. - Fabrica de Pensule, str. H. Barbusse 59-61,
Cluj Napoca

February 25, 2011, 19.00

BLUE NOSES Group (Russia)
The event was made possible thanks to MODEM Centre for Modern and Contemporary Art (Debrecen, Hungary) – Blue Noses art works presents in this exhibition are part of the MODEM collection.

“The principal genre of The Blue Noses is a sort of performances, to be more exact — pranks, sketches or gags, played by the artists before the video camera. These pranks are not the rehearsed plays but a symbiosis of “pat roles” and impromptus. It is as far removed from theatre acting and direction as a photograph or a music video from photographic or video art. The “documented” pranks of the Blue Noses Group are hanging between everyday and artistic phenomena, looking like a semi-professional, semi-amateur activity, in which the intentional fiasco is indistinguishable from dilettante lapse. It is generally assumed that the Blue Noses Group is an archetypal Russian phenomenon, ascending to the traditions of ecstatic crankeries of God’s fools, Orthodox monks and Siberian shamans. On the other hand, the Blue Noses can be viewed in context of European atheistic “black humour” tradition, which aims at the deconstruction of cultural, sacral and moral standards, which facilitate the control over society...” Andrey Erofeyev, the State Tretyakov Gallery

BLUE NOSES: genuinely contemptuous │ ridiculing human folly │ astonishing derisive │ purely ironic. morbid. grotesque. about human folly │ social criticism “pit-stopˮ │ addressing everybody

Alexander Shaburov
1965 born in Berezovsky, Sverdlovsk Region. 1985 graduated from Sverdlovsk College of Arts. Since 1993, became member of the Artists' Union of the Russian Federation. Lives and works in Ekaterinburg and Moscow.

Viacheslav  Mizin
1962 born in Novosibirsk. 1984 graduated from Novosibirsk Architectural Institute. Lives and works in Novosibirsk and Moscow.

foto: Sergiu Bozintan
foto: Sergiu Bozintan
foto: Sergiu Bozintan
foto: Sergiu Bozintan
foto: Sergiu Bozintan
foto: Sergiu Bozintan