video: Dalma NYIRI
24th April - 14th May 2015

contemporary art space

F.D.P. - Fabrica de Pensule, 59-61 H. Barbusse st., 1st floor
, Cluj-Napoca



Dancing with the spiders

It is a brave idea to associate the movement of a spider with bicycle ride.
A game of childhood which is not frightened of the creatures met for the first time.
A game of teenagers enjoying the freedom of dizzy bike rides.
A game of an artist which combines the walk through these states of perception about ourselves and about our relation to nature.
The present exhibition is the result of a delicate screening of these conceptual connections, in a very personal way, one of the many imaginative realities in which we live in. Real and virtual at the same time, in which two worlds are meeting: the fear of spiders and a wondering perception of forms inspired by nature, transposed into the technique of installation accompanied by visual effects of moving shadows.
Maria Sicoie proposes a space where she wants us to take up with her spider-bicycle ghosts, that carry us in an introspective journey of existence, whatsoever form it would have.
Under a scary appearance - created by the stage-light – the general scenic aspect invites us to overcome our fears and anxieties. It proposes a perceptual experiment about how we relate to nature`s macro- and microcosm.

Prof. dr. Liliana Moraru

photo: Ozana Muresan