photo&video: Sergiu Bozintan
3rd October - 3rd November 2014

contemporary art space

F.D.P. - Fabrica de Pensule, 59-61 H. Barbusse st., 1st floor


performance & exhibition

Szilard GASPAR

The artist Szilard Gaspar is a young sculptor who's first show is a 60 min performance in the Bazis space, which will eventuate in the creation of his sculpture. The unusual creative process is what makes the show to work as a performance: the artist is a professional box player so the sculpture will come to life throughout boxing. He spends hours daily training his body and his spirit. His force is mapped into the material, during the 6 rounds a peculiar relationship develops between the clay and the struggling human body, while the inanimate material will transform into a flesh and blood foe. The boxing sculptor's physical condition, strength, creativity, brutality and sensitivity faces the clay's resistance, its principle of inertia and plasticity, the body is searching for the material's weak spots until he defeats it.
The purpose of the artist is victory, as he lifts his arms in the end he passes that ecstatic feeling to the audience, undergoing himself along the way with the same feeling until the end of the performance throwing us in a whole different dimension.