selected works
Urban landscape, oil on canvas, 130x150cm, 2015
Urban landscape, oil on canvas, 130x150cm, 2015
Peripheric landscape, oil on canvas, 150x130cm, 2015
Basement, 130x150cm, oil on canvas, 2015
Landscape, 130x130cm, oil on canvas, 2015
Untitled, found objects (wash machine & clothes), 50x50cm, 2012
Untitled, found objects (window & pink cloth, pounch, hair), 51x51cm, 2012
Expansion, cleaner housing, canvas, osb wood, color spray, 40x50cm, 2013

1979, living and working in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

2008-ongoing PhD research | Cultural Interferences, University of Art and
Design, Cluj-Napoca
2002-2006-2008 BA & MA degrees in painting, University of Art and Design, Cluj-Napoca

Solo shows
2015 Colliding Geometry, Zorzini Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2014 Colliding Geometry, Zorzini gallery. Bucharest, Romania
2012 Nothing To Hide, Bazis Platform, Cluj
2011 Common Place, Ivan Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2009 Post Romantic. Post Atomic. Post Rock. Post Socialist Realism., Laika gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2006 Critical Temperature, Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Group shows
2015 Painting-Cluj, Martin Kudlek Gallery, Cologne, Germany
2014 HIDDEN FIELD, Bazis + UltraStudio, Pescara, Italy
2014 The Flesh Of Things, Un-Painting The Romantics, Jecza Gallery, Timisoara
2013 MUTATIONS, BAZIS contemporary art space, Berlin, Germany
2013 HOTSPOT CLUJ - NEW ROMANIAN ART, ARKEN Museum of Modern Art, Denmark 
2012 Cluj meets Berlin, BAZIS contemporary art space, Berlin, Germany
2012 Arco Madrid, Ivan gallery, Spain
2012 Modern Talking, Art Museum, Cluj- Napoca, Romania
2011 The First Ten Years - Radio Galleries, Art Museum, Cluj- Napoca, Romania
2010 Unusual suspects, Ivan gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2008 Don’t Get Mad, Bro, Point Contemporary gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2008 Under Natural Circumstances, Modem Museum, Debrecen, Hungary
2007 The biannual exhibition of Cluj-Napoca artists, Senso gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2007 Goldener Kentaur award exhibition, Munich, Germany
2007 Seven, Parti gallery, Pecs, Hungary
2006 Europa Artium symposium, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2006 Painted images of Cluj, UNA gallery, Bucharest, Romania
2005 Flesh tabbaco, Radio House, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Art Publication

2013 Artpress 400
2013 Hotspot Cluj New Romanian Art
2012 Arta, nr.6-7
2008 Bazis, 2
2008 Modem, Under Natural Circumstances
2004 Figurama, 04

Art Awards
2004 VSTUP, 2 Place, Drawing, Prague


Address: Fantanele 59, falt 6, floor 1, Cluj, Romania
Studio address: Paintbrush Factory, Henri Barbusse, nr. 59-61, Cluj, 400616, Romania
Email address: mcdn03pict@yahoo.com
Henri Barbusse 59-61, Cluj 400616