6 October - 3 November 2017

project space
CENTRUL DE INTERES, Fabricii de Chibrituri street, 9, 1th floor, Cluj-Napoca


From The Shadows


The exhibition Comingfromtheshadows consists of a series of paintings and sculptures by the Hong Kong-based Norwegian artist Espen Cook (b .1991). He explores various themes and subjects with different mediums: painting, video, music.
Coming from the shadows means coming from the sideline, and the exhibition symbolizes the artist’s return to Europe after many years in Asia. At the same time Comingfromtheshadows attempts to regard painting and sculpture from a different perspective, mimicking the approach of an autodidact rather than a formally trained professional. The pieces are quickly mounted together using found industrial materials, and the pre-existing shapes define the shapes and structures of the finished artworks. The works are an exploration of life, questioning, enhancing, copying, re-using familiar
language and taking old ideas making them new.
The exhibition revolves around the idea of collage: one the one hand the different layers of wood and paper glued together to create shapes, surfaces and shadows; on the other hand the collection of ideas and experiences drawn from the creative world of Hong Kong and Beijing.