31 October 2018

project space
CENTRUL DE INTERES, Fabricii de Chibrituri 9, 1th floor, Cluj-Napoca


Barbara NAVI
A room elsewhere, or the narrow escape

The subject of Barbara Navi's paintings is often escape, breaking out from the framework: escape from the real space and ordinary time of our lives, because we are being called by an elsewhere, or because something unusual is about to happen.
When painting, she seems to be blinking, to be putting the world at a distance, as if she were telling herself: that was a narrow escape.
She paints through shadows. She does not paint objects, but their fleeting reflections.
She paints the space-time peculiar to our strange sensation when faced with an event whose meaning remains unclear and perhaps distressing. She shows a reality in disintegration, withdrawn into dream, a reality on the fringe, where fact confronts dream.
The atmosphere oscillates between dark and light colours, space escapes from space: the head of an ancient sculpture, thrown into a landscape, tumbles down inside a room by turning it upside down. (Deus ex machina, oil on canvas) The disembowelled painting spreads out within the finished canvas. This distortion recalls Manet's Déjeuner sur l'herbe.A room elsewhere is this other canvas where a bedroom totters within a landscape inspired by the rolling hills that surround the town of Cluj.
It is also the subjectivity of an artist driven by desires of discovery and travel, in search of herself. But the soul of the traveller re-joins the traveller`s physical person, are saying the American Indians. And thus the landscape of the soul vacillates in the imaginary light of a dream.

Text by Ileana Cornea (Artension)