16 August - 14 Septembrie, 2019

project space
CENTRUL DE INTERES, Fabricii de Chibrituri 9, 1th floor, Cluj-Napoca


Zoltan Marton
Somewhere at Home

”We are living in this world in order to be at home somewhere in it” wrote Áron Tamási. As teenagers in the communist Romania of the seventies we could not identify with this conclusion of the famous Hungarian writer his trilogy ”Ábel” finishes with. We wanted to be at home just everywhere, bot first of all: elsewhere. Since that I have lived 20 years in exile, I live since 10 years in Transylvania again, so it was inevitable to have the feeling of ”being at home” be changed several times through all these years. The physical distance brought me closer to an inner home, so it made me focus on the spiritual picture. Photography was a therapy for me in this period, a form of meditation, by no means a profession. Therefore the photographs gathered into this volume were not made with any artistic or documentary intent. They are just like the pictures of a family album, stirring memories and feelings. Because now I believe that we are living in this world in order to be at home in our own life.


Exhibition view